Plasticbell Device

This procedure is suitable for newborns and boys up to 12 years of age. This is due to the various sizes of the Plastibell Device. For older boys where the device does not fit, they are then referred on to the traditional hands-free (cut and stitch) method.

It is recommended that the infant/child does not consume any food 2 hours prior to the procedure, to prevent him from feeling the need to go to the toilet or vomit. Food may then be consumed afterwards as this will also help settle the child down.

The whole procedure can take up between 1 – 2 hours, although the actual circumcision procedure itself takes only 15 minutes to perform. An anesthetic cream (EMLA) is applied to the foreskin. It is vital that the EMLA cream is applied approximately 2 hours prior to the procedure and with correct applications, to result in a successful procedure.

Plasticbell Device

The EMLA cream then slowly absorbs into the skin and acts as an excellent anesthetic agent for the procedure. The anesthetic effect lasts up to 4 hours, which prevents any pain that may be experienced during and after the procedure.

The Plastibell Device is calibrated to the exact size of the head of the penis, which is then placed over the head of the penis. A string is then gently placed on the outside over the foreskin and is carefully tied into the groove of the plastibell. This then ceases any blood flow to the distal prepuce skin. No dressing will be required after the procedure.

After a few days, the skin caught under the ring necrotizes and falls off spontaneously. This provides a bloodless circumcision with no open wounds for potential irritation and infection.